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Gameplay Instructions

Choose Practice or Challenge to get started.

Tap the “STAGE” button to begin the light-tree countdown. As the tree lights up, the button changes to say “LAUNCH”. Tap the LAUNCH button as soon as the green lights come on. Be as quick as possible or you’ll get laughed at. Become a RACE LEGEND and the crowd will cheer, and you’ll be a tough one to beat.

Be careful that you do not press the LAUNCH button before the green lights turn on, otherwise you will get a “FALSE START”, and the red lights will come on. Don’t worry, you can choose to “RETRY” or “EXIT”.

When you get fast enough, quit playing with yourself and challenge your friends. If you’re wondering how you stack up, check out the “LEADERBOARD”. Think you can do better?

Tap “PLAY AGAIN.” Practice until you can hit the 000’s!

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